Access Control Automatic Bi-Fold Gate in Secondary School

Controlling who enters your premises, which vehicles, when and for what reasons, is becoming increasingly necessary. It can be for many different reasons, security and protection, safety, insurance purposes – whatever your reason, having a dependable, adjustable and solid system is essential for both your objectives and your peace of mind.

The system in this video was recently installed at a secondary school to control the access of vehicles, in conjunction with fencing and an access control pedestrian gate, the system means that access to the school and its grounds can be managed effectively.

The gates are fully automated and can be timed according to need. As a bi-fold, and with the equipment used, the speed with which they’re able to open and close is superior to other systems such as twin gates or a single sliding gate. Importantly, in this situation, it also utilises less space. Had a single sliding gate been used, the installation would have been more costly as the path of the gate as it opened would have been off the road, meaning the addition of further runners and support structure to one side.

The gates are opened automatically when the linked ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system detects a pre-approved registration number. Fobs are also issued to those with approved access and an intercom system allows for visitors to be monitored and admitted. The system is fully controlled electronically, with the timings adjusted as needed to close more quickly or remain open longer.

The addition of this system means that security is dramatically enhanced, the presence of visitors and vehicles on site is managed recorded via the CCTV system and, as bonus, the students now use the appropriate walkways adding to their safety and wellbeing.

Access control – for peace of mind and control of your premises.

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