March 23, 2021

Gamlingay Village College

Additional security protection to the schools Paxton Net2 access control system.

The School had 3 doors they wished to add access control for the purpose of restricting the movement of pupils and providing additional security. We were asked to self-manage the project and provide all services required to complete the installation within a short time period before the arrival of pupils and staff before the start of term.

Tec Fire and Security provided additional Paxton Net 2 controllers connected direct the schools computer network at each door, and we was able to pre-program IP addresses provided by the school , to enable communication with the Paxton Net 2 software. The doors were fitted with magnetic locks which release on authorised presentation of staff fobs. Working time zones were set within the Paxton Net 2 software to allow the internal doors to release at break and lunch times to allow free movement. Our BAFE accredited fire department added Appllo fire alarm relay interfaces onto the Advanced MXpro fire panel to ensure the doors would release in the event of fire activation to allow safe egress from the building. Additional resettable break glass units were fitted adjacent to each door for all other emergency situations.

Amtec electrical and facilities services a NICEIC approved contractor was employed by Tec fire and Security Ltd to provide unswitched fused spurs at each door location.

Tec Fire and Security always fit back up batteries within power supplies to ensure ongoing operation in the event of a power cut to a specified amount of time generally 4 to 8 hours.

The system was tested and commissioned for correct operation.

As a result of the installation the school have secured an additional external door and restricted flow inside the school benefitting the pupil’s onsite safety and wellbeing.

  • Additional Security
  • Added to existing Paxton Net2 system so staff could use existing fobs for access
  • The system set up allows further restricted access to cleaning and part time staff that only require granted access during certain times and days of the week
  • Tec manged the full installation and was able to work alongside the school and external contractors to seamlessly bring the project to completion.
Paxton net 2 proximity reader 2 CCTV cameras 1 external fire alarm sounder beacon
Paxton access reader and green emergency release button
Paxton access control door reader

From Trevor Daisley: “I would like to thank Tec Fire and Security for delivering a great service whilst understanding the schools needs and tight deadline. The Tec installers communicated well with us while onsite and left the premises clean and tidy and a full working system. We will defiantly be using their services again.”