Vetroseal Ltd

Client/End User:

Vetroseal Ltd /



Extension of existing fire detection system to provide automatic detection to protect the new CNC glass cutting table, toughening plant and also include the associated plant/compressor room to category L3. Install additional emergency lighting to provide the correct LUX levels as per the British Standards (BS5266) throughout the altered areas.


Project Objectives:

TEC Fire and Security were asked to provide a cost effective solution to protect Vetroseal’s newest investments. The building has had some major alterations to allow for the installation of the oversized machinery which will increase Vetroseal’s output capacity. The original ground floor office area had also been changed to house the main electricity supply and compressors which are required to run the machines, which are obviously a high fire risk. The fire design was to increase the level of fire protection whilst considering the rate of false alarms. Additional emergency lighting was required in case of power failure or emergency egress. The shop floor is a fast and busy environment preparing glass to create double glazed units, so access at times would be slightly awkward.



TEC provided and installed the equipment required to increase the level of protection to Category L3. We extended the original TwinFlex Pro fire alarm panel adding additional zones. Automatic detection was added to the plant room, stairwell, corridors and all rooms leading on to the escape route. Smoke detection was also installed high level above the machinery ensuring the earliest possible warning of fire. In addition, the newly created fire exits had manual call points with protective covers also fitted.

We increased the amount of Emergency Lighting, installing LED bulkheads in the old office area allowing for safe evacuation from the first floor all the way down through the compressor room if it would ever be required.

We installed all the additions working around Vetroseal’s staff and routine as not to create any unnecessary disruption.



TEC Fire and Security installed the fire alarm alterations following the strict requirements set out in BS5839 2017. The newly altered system now protects the high risk areas whilst also protecting the escape routes allowing for safe evacuation of staff and safe emergency services access if required.

Vetroseal now have the assurance that if smoke was detected within the building the alarm system would activate and in turn call the Alarm Receiving Centre. This has given Vetroseal peace of mind that their assets are fully protected against fire.



TEC Fire and Security provide us a very competitive cost for the additions we required. They arrived punctually and carried out the work in a very timely manner. They always ensured the areas where they were working, were kept clean and hazard free. As a very busy factory we couldn’t afford any down time to which they were happy to assist and worked around my staff. Overall, I’m very pleased with the quality of service and work provided by their engineers.

Eric Falisi – Director

Whilst at Vetroseal we made sure that we ‘worked with them’ safely and efficiently in and around their busy factory environment. We followed the objectives and provided Vetroseal a reliable cost effective solution to protect their investments. TEC Fire and Security designed, installed and commissioned the system confirming the site was left in full working order.