Fire Services

Emergency Lighting

Essential for safe evacuation. Services throughout Milton Keynes, Bedford and the surrounding areas.

Emergency lighting is used in the event of a fire, providing a safe and efficient evacuation procedure. TEC Fire & Security provides emergency lighting systems that are fully compliant, ensuring that the emergency exits, and escape routes are fully illuminated in the event of a lighting failure.

This ensures your customers and staff are safe in an emergency, we make sure that you have an emergency lighting system that will not fail. Our technicians within Milton Keynes, Bedford, & beyond can install and maintain systems to the highest standards and ensure that they are always in perfect condition.

Scheduled servicing of emergency lighting systems

Servicing of the emergency lighting systems should be carried out at six monthly intervals for self-contained luminaries in addition to a client monthly functional test as stipulated in the British Standards BS EN 5266. TEC Fire and Security can help with all these requirements.

Emergency lighting to assist escape in the event of fire

Fire Safety Law starts with a fire risk assessment. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states the requirements of a ‘Responsible Person’ to carry out a fire risk assessment which will consider the likelihood of fire for example fire hazards, and the consequence of a fire, which would be the measures currently in place or required in the event of a fire. Within this assessment the provision of emergency lighting requirements must be included.

Emergency Lighting servicing and maintenance

All emergency lighting systems should be function tested monthly as stipulated in BS 5266, usually by the customer by isolating the supply to the lighting circuit to ensure that all lights are operating correctly.

If you have a Maintenance Contract with us our Engineer, we will make a minimum of 2 visits annually to carry out an in-depth test of your systems.

During a fire, should the mains fail all emergency lights should stay illuminated for at least 1 hour – 3hours.

It is important that you can evacuate a building quickly & safely, and a fully functioning emergency lighting system and fire signage is vital in enabling this.