Safety Sign

Survey, sighting and installation of  photo luminescent signage

Safety signage comes in many forms and it can often lead to uncertainty of what signs are required and where. A safety signage survey from TEC Fire & Security can help provide you with the information required to ensure you have the correct signage fitted in the right locations. This helps to keep you complaint, whilst ensuring the health and safety of your employees and visitors on site.

Escape Route Signs

Standard escape route signs are sited along an escape route to make sure that from any given point within a building people have a clear directional guidance of how to reach the designated place of safety.

For safe evacuation, signs are positioned above doors and along escape routes indicating all changes of direction leading to the designated place of safety. Essentially when reaching a sign people should be able to see the next sign along the escape route to enable them to continue to the final exit.

Associated emergency escape route signs come in the form of:

Assembly point signs essential in providing the information to direct an evacuee to the designated point of safety.

Panoramic signs which offer 180-degree visibility

Type 2 “Fold signs” which can be installed without the need for drilling and offer a solution to ensure visibility in stairwells and corridors

Door mechanism signs are essential so that everyone can easily understand how to operate a door in an emergency helping to ensure a safe and fast evacuation.

Fire extinguishers and fire blanket signs are fitted immediately above equipment to quickly allow the user to identify what type the fire extinguisher is and what type of fire it is safe or unsafe to use on.

We also offer numbered fire extinguisher signs that help to easily identify the location of such equipment, if an extinguisher is missing, damaged or used it easily identifiable by the responsible person or instructing a TEC engineer to rectify or replace

Additional signs include

Fire equipment and fire alarm call point signs

Fire action notice signs used to give clear instructions and correct procedures in case of emergency.

We can provide escape plans and fire alarm zone plans for schools, commercial buildings, care homes and hotels.

Mandatory Fire door signs and warning signs.

Whatever your requirement is we can survey your site and advise on the signage you require.

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