CCTV Systems

Crime prevention and public safety

TEC Fire & Security can design a bespoke CCTV system with full HD images to best meet your site requirements.

This can include monitoring external premises for intruders, vehicle number plate recognition, movement of people within a secure area or viewing a point of sale in a retail environment.

Staff health and safety concerns, workplace activity and manufacturing including industrial processes can also benefit from CCTV to responsibly monitor and ensure compliance.

Our high-end CCTV solutions can incorporate sophisticated video analytics software to respond to an event and monitor crowd control, vehicle movement and site security to identify a problem and help staff manage the situation.

Whatever the application, our experienced team can provide the correct solution with superb image quality, all installed in line with NSI codes of practice.

  • IP Systems
  • Upgrade to HD with existing wiring infrastructure
  • Bespoke CCTV signs with your business logo or school crest supplied and fitted to meet data protection requirements
  • Video Analytics
  • Remote monitoring of your CCTV system by a fully accredited central monitoring station

CCTV Maintenance

We offer CCTV maintenance packages which provide a yearly inspection to check full system operation. Within the service visit we clean all camera positions and check power supplies, hard drive recordings and ensure CCTV warning signs are still in place and visible. During the maintenance visit it also gives us the opportunity to check the as fitted specification still meets the original requirement and risk assessment. If there have been any changes to site that affect the view of the cameras or there are areas no longer covered, we can advise this at the time.

TEC can provide a CCTV site surveys that include a risk assessment and specification stating the risks identified, and the user requirement of the system.Your design spec will identify the areas the proposed cameras are to be fitted, and their type. We also state recording times, the means of retrieving recorded images, and the measures in place to protect the recorded images.The information provided by the specification will help you as a client decide if the system meets the requirement of your CCTV policy or in helping you with formulating your policy.

Systems are designed and installed to meet the requirements of NCP04 (issue 3)

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