Intruder alarm systems

Professional NSI approved intruder detection systems

Design, Install & Maintenance

All our intruder alarm systems are individually designed following a security risk assessment to meet the latest industry standards along with the requirements of insurance companies. Systems can be linked to our preferred NSI accredited, 24hr Alarm Receiving Centre to provide Level 1 Police response, or to call designated keyholders.

With our skilled installation team who are fully vetted to BS7858, you can be sure of a professional finish to all work carried out in your premises.  An intruder alarm not only provides a visual deterrent but can help in the prevention of theft and criminal damage with the benefit of being able alert an emergency response to the site.

  • Grade 2, 3 and 4 systems
  • Remote monitoring for Key holder and Level 1 Police response
  • Security risk assessments
  • Perimeter systems
  • All systems professionally installed and maintained

TEC Fire & Security can also take over your intruder alarm system from existing providers. If you are dissatisfied with your existing provider, please don’t accept poor levels of service because you believe it’s a lot of work to get someone else to take it over. This is a simple process for us, and we take the worry out of it for you. There is a little paperwork to do and once we agree a takeover date, we work to towards it to ensure you are not left without cover.

Intruder alarm system maintenance

Security systems form part of everyday life and are often taken for granted and assumed to be working until something goes wrong, hence the reason why it is important to make sure which ever type of security system installed at your property is maintained properly. Many insurance policies stipulate that electronic security systems are maintained by an NSI accredited company.

Our experienced engineers are trained to check all aspects of the system including power supplies, standby batteries, warning sounders and detection devices to ensure every part of the installation is working correctly and meets the correct standards.

Any system maintained by an accredited National Security Inspectorate company means that a thorough checklist is followed to ensure all aspects of the installed system are checked. Not only this but a regular check by a qualified technician means that any new system requirements or building alterations that may have an effect on the systems areas of coverage can be advised to ensure your system still complies with the latest standards.

Intruder alarm Maintenance schedules

One annual visit for audible only systems and two service checks per year for monitored systems in line with PD6662 and BS8243 requirements are carried out.

Although 1 visit a year can be a remote visit, our preference for monitored systems is to visit site on both occasions as we believe this provides a better customer service and minimises time between visits to spot potential problems and provide ongoing advice.

A Tec Fire and Security intruder alarm systems maintenance contract also provides a 4-hour response time, ongoing advice and false alarm management.

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