Lockdown systems

Safeguarding people and site protection

TEC Fire & Security can offer the installation and the design and advice in implementing a school lockdown procedure. Lockdown systems are installed and put in place to safeguard the staff on pupils on site. There are many ways to achieve a lockdown procedure based on an initial risk assessment which will best determine the type of action plan and system required.

What threats or situations would you need to consider for your lockdown procedure?

Please note that some of the events listed are unlikely but still possible and therefore must be taken into consideration. There may already be additional safeguarding issues in place to counteract some of these threats, so the initial risk assessment will determine this.

  • A local risk warning issued, for example air pollution, smoke plume, gas cloud etc;
  • A serious or emergency accident or incident requiring the emergency services at the school
  • The close proximity of a dangerous dog or wild animal
  • A swarm of bees or wasps
  • A major fire in the vicinity of the school
  • A reported incident or civil disturbance in the local community with the potential to pose a risk to staff and students in the school
  • A visitor to the school site who becomes abusive, with the potential to pose a risk to students, staff or parents

What type of systems can we install?

We can install lockdown buttons in the main reception area or at other designated parts of the site which on activating will signal an audible warning of a lockdown. On hearing the warning, the school will put their lockdown procedure into place.

There are many ways to cost effectively use some of the existing school infra structure to provide audible warning throughout the site, however we normally recommend audible warnings are different to existing sounds already heard daily within the school ie class change, or fire bells.

Many sounders and bells already in place can be re programmed in the event of lockdown to provide different tones throughout so become more easily identifiable and also remove the risk of valuable time being wasted through doubt. External sounders are usually added as well to warn staff and pupils who maybe outside on sports fields etc.

Where there are not sounders already in place that can be used, we can often add additions throughout the site using other available systems, or alternatively design a new solution.

Many School have access control on doors and gates in place and we can integrate the lockdown with these. This can enable doors that maybe open at certain times of the day to lock. Staff fobs can be programmed to allow doors to be overridden if authorised during lockdown.

Checks and on-going maintenance

It is of vital importance that the school’s lockdown procedures are familiar to all members of the school staff. To achieve this, a lockdown drill should be undertaken at least at the start of every term. The drill will determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the time taken to implement it can also highlight weak spots where sound cannot be heard.

An ongoing annual maintenance check of the lockdown system by TEC Fire & Security will determine that everything is functioning correctly. We will typically test the button or buttons check for full operation of sounders throughout. A check will determine if the original as fitted specification still meets the requirement. If new buildings have been added or partitional walls put in that may reduce the effectiveness of sounders our check will pick this up.

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