Remote monitoring of your fire and security systems

Protecting you and your property 24 hours a day

We can offer the monitoring of your security and fire alarm systems as part of a planned maintenance contract.

Remote monitoring of your systems comes best into effect when your away from your premises. Monitoring devices fitted within your fire and security systems are your best early warning system in summoning assistance in the event of fire or break-in in your absence.

Security systems monitoring

We can fit graded DualCom monitoring to meet your insurance company requirements. Single path signalling over GPRS is great for sites without a landline and benefits from no line rental or call charges.

Dual path signalling is preferred by insurance companies and the police. Dual path signalling monitors your system via GPRS as its primary path with options of landline or IP as a secondary back up path. If the GPRS fails you have the secondary path to keep your system monitored whilst reporting the outage of the primary GPRS path.

The multi-network WorldSIM is supplied with every DualCom as standard and has increased signal reliability to reduce false alarms by almost 90%.

Via your security system a DualCom can be programmed to monitor some of the following

  • Fire activations
  • Panic or hold up alarms
  • Unconfirmed intruder activations (ie the activation of 1 sensor or device)
  • Setting and un-setting of the system
  • System faults
  • Zone omit
  • Confirmed activations (i.e the activation of 2 or more sensors)
  • Mains failure
  • Medical emergency
  • Lockdown

If one of these events occurs the DualCom will notify the alarm receiving centre who in turn will contact one of the system keyholders, the Police or the fire brigade depending on the action required.

Fire alarm systems

Monitoring of your fire alarm system is essential. When you are on site if there is a fire you can raise an early warning and evacuate, the monitoring will also call the Fire brigade. When there is no one on site the only way to protect your premises is the monitoring of the fire alarm system that can call the Fire Brigade. Tec Fire and security prefer to use DualCom Fire for this.

DualCom Fire the dual path option that is designed with the highest risk premises in mind. This is the ultimate signalling solution for premium commercial installations

EN Grade 4/DP3 dual path signalling service for maximum insurance approval and loss protection for your fire systems

Polling via Gemini is every minute to provide the earliest warning of any GPRS or line faults.

The multi-network WorldSIM as standard for increased reliability

Via your fire alarm system DualCom Fires can be programmed to monitor some of the following

  • Fire Activation
  • Fire Faults including mains failure, battery faults and system detection faults.

If one of these events occurs the DualCom will notify the alarm receiving centre who in turn will contact one of the system keyholders, or the fire brigade depending on the action required.

Tec Fire and Security use Southern Monitoring an NSI GOLD approved company to provide the monitoring of all our systems.

Southern monitoring offers many benefits to our clients

  • Southern monitoring use people to deal with alarms and contact keyholders or emergency services as opposed to an automated service
  • All calls are recorded and logged
  • All activations and actions taken are available on customer reports if required
  • The MASWEB APP, this desktop app allows clients the convenience to place their fire alarm systems on test and log the activation, without having to wait on the phone for an operator.
  • Clients can be set up as system users to change their site keyholder information and make minor system updates.

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