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TEC Fire & Security was first established in 2011 by Simon Philp, after many years of frustration helping to build other people’s businesses and feeling totally deflated and unfulfilled. Les Millard joined the business in 2015 after experiencing the same frustrations over many years himself. We combined forces and used our industry experience to work towards our vision of being the best fire and security provider in the area for educational and commercial clients.

Although we have always had a vision of where we wanted the business to go our experience was only in the technical side of things, we soon realised we would have to change our approach in order to not deviate from the main business goals. We concluded from this a change was required to enable a different outcome that could help drive the business forward.

We decided to seek external advice from other business owners, and educated ourselves with business, and personal development books. This combined with the help of business mentors enabled us to put together our business growth plan, which aligns with our vision of where we would like the company to be in future and the action steps required to achieve it.

We have since invested into the fire side of the business and we are very fortunate to have had Richard Mitchell join Tec in 2018 who is developing this side of the business with us.

The company’s client focus is on providing a great customer experience and aims to keep providing the services that keeps its clients safe, secure and compliant.

For the Tec management and staff it’s all about building and investing in a team of likeminded people with the varying skill sets to grow the business inline with our company culture, which will encourage individual personal development, responsibility and accountability.

Simon Philp

TEC fire & security takes up a lot of my time and the development of the business is where I focus much of my energy. Since becoming a business owner, I am also very keen on my own personal development journey. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife, reading and long walks with my dog. When the time permits, I love pitching a tent and hiking the fells of the Lake district on a mission to complete the full set of Wainwrights that forever seems to elude me. I have a few favourite mountain spots that can be best described as Nirvana (in my opinion). It always amazes me that you can spend an hour or two on a mountain top in total isolation, and this certainly helps me to reflect on life. My personal goals are to complete the UK coast to coast walk and conquer Kilimanjaro.


Since joining Simon at TEC, we have both ‘worn various hats’ and taken on all the roles that have needed doing, which will be a familiar story to many small business owners. Whilst very rewarding, this can seem overwhelming at times, so I have always tried to maintain a balance by making time for family and leisure activities to keep things in perspective. As a keen cyclist you will find me out on two wheels whenever possible come rain or shine, and have been lucky enough to visit the Pyrenees, where I have tackled some of the famous mountain passes that are often featured in the Tour de France - although at a slower pace than the professionals!