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The background behind the people who keep your property and your people safe

The Tec Fire and Security story is one of dedicated commitment

The Tec Fire and Security story is one of dedicated commitment – commitment to a vision shared by three experienced technical fire and security practitioners.

Our names? Simon Philp, Les Millard and Richard Mitchell.

Simon first set up TEC Fire & Security in 2011. With the business growing fast, Les Millard joined in 2015, and the two entrepreneurs set out on the road to becoming the best-loved Fire and Security Service in the Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes region.

“From day one, we knew that our technical skills and expertise wouldn’t be sufficient alone for us to reach our goals. Where necessary, we outsourced and received enormous support from mentors and other providers from within as well as outside the Fire and Security sector.”

– Simon Philp

In 2018, with the business still showing strong growth, we were joined by Richard Mitchell to help us to further develop the Fire side of the business.

Why clients choose Tec Fire and Security

Client Focus

Simon, Les and Richard recognise that our clients are everything. Without them, there wouldn’t be a business. That’s why we put their needs at the forefront of everything we do. Approachability, professionalism and efficiency are at the heart of how we relate to our clients. We’re committed to delivering world-class service. We advise, communicate and deliver effectively and competitively. Our clients appreciate this, and we appreciate the privilege of working with those clients.

Experience and expertise

Put together the years of experience in the Fire and Security sector shared by Simon, Les and Richard, and you have many decades of combined experience and expertise. Supporting clients with their Fire and Security needs really can be a matter of life and death. That’s why we work to the highest possible industry standards.

Simon says, “Over the years, we’ve realised that nearly every company we came across was being failed by their current provider. Either that or they were suffering from legislation compliance issues.”

It was this realisation that inspired their remarkable vision – ​“To meet the highest standards within the fire and security industries, being the industry leader within our region, setting the benchmark for other companies to follow. To promote the best fire and security practices, keeping people and property as safe as they can be.”

​Doing things properly

The whole team at Tec Fire and Security is committed to ‘doing things properly’ – to ensuring that all clients are compliant with current fire legislation. The comprehensive service we provide is friendly, affordable and rigorously efficient. Working in this life-critical, fire protection sector, cutting corners is never an option.

A ‘people’ company

For the our management and staff, the company ethos is all about building and investing in a team of like-minded people. Each has the necessary skill and attitude to grow the business in line with the company culture. This, in turn, encourages individual personal development, responsibility and accountability.


Meet the directors

Simon Philp

Simon Philp

Many people have a passion for what they do – the job, the product or whatever. For me, it’s about the people. The safety, security and compliance of your people and premises. As a business, our primary focus is to make the most appropriate recommendations, provide the solutions and ensure everything works perfectly. As the MD, my focus is to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, minimising disruption and delivering world-class levels of service.

Never standing still

Over the years, we’ve never allowed the grass to grow beneath our feet. Our services are always developing and adapting according to client needs. Our comprehensive range of services now covers; Fire, Access control, CCTV and, Electronic Security – intruder alarms and monitoring.

I love this business and cherish the relationships we’ve developed with our clients. Every day I look forward to seeing where we can take this business and how we can work to keep our clients, their property and their people safe and secure.

Les Millard

Les Millard

When I joined TEC in 2015 a co-director with Simon, I brought with me –

  • over 30 years’ experience
  • a reputation for high standards of workmanship and attention to detail
  • an extensive client base

For me, what I enjoy most about working with TEC is the opportunity to test myself with the technical challenges that arise, but more than that – it’s the opportunity to make people safer. The world can be a dangerous place and if I can help to make it less so, then I feel I’m doing my bit.

Towards the end of 2020, we moved into new premises. The opportunity we now have to grow the business further – to expand our offering to a wider range of clients – is an exciting one for all of us.

I’m looking forward to building the team here at TEC, and fostering the same attitude towards helping our customers and each other. Most of all, I’m looking forward to enjoying coming to work!

Simon and I wear two distinct ‘hats’. We dovetail perfectly. It’s clear that a major reason for the successes we enjoy at Tec Fire and Safety is the way we work together and with other members of the team. What’s crucial is that every single member of the team buys into our philosophy of putting customers first but also treating each other as though we’re all customers.

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