March 23, 2021

Cosgrove Park

Install a fire detection and alarm system to protect the maintenance building and equipment

TEC Fire and Security were asked to provide a cost effective solution to protect Cosgrove Parks maintenance building. The building is used to store everything from gardening equipment to lawnmowers to tractors. It is also used as a repair workshop but isn’t manned all the time. Electric vehicles are also charged and stored within. Following on from the fire risk assessment the design was to install an automatic detection system to protect the building whilst taking in to account the environmental factors which may contribute to unwanted false alarms.

TEC designed, installed and commissioned the equipment required to achieve the level of protection to Category P1/M. We installed a conventional Haes Twin Wire 4 Zone panel, this allowed us to use the same cable for both a zone and a sounder circuit. Automatic detection was installed in the apex of the building ensuring the earliest possible warning of fire. The final exits had manual call points with protective covers and signage also installed.

The sounders were located internally and externally with beacons so people could hear and see if the alarm is activated.

TEC Fire and Security installed the fire alarm following the strict requirements set out in BS5839 2017. The newly installed system now protects the high value items by providing the earliest possible warning of fire.

Cosgrove Park now have the assurance that if smoke was detected within the building the alarm system would be activated and the office staff and residents opposite will be made aware.

This has given the client peace of mind that their assets are fully protected against fire.

Protecting stock and plant with fire and security systems
Protecting workshop with fire and security alarm systems
Cosgrove Park Fire Alarm & Intruder alarm install
Cosgrove Park fire alarm install

TEC Fire and Security provide us a very competitive cost. We have worked with team for a number of years. They always provide a great service and work in a very timely efficient manner.

The quality of service and work provided by their engineers is always to a very high standard.

Trevor Bird – Maintenance Manager