Fire Services

Fire Doors

Fire Doors form part of passive fire protection of buildings. Services throughout Milton Keynes, Bedford and the surrounding areas.

The responsible person as defined by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has a legal responsibility to ensure all fire safety devices are correctly maintained and fit for Purpose. Fire doors should be inspected every 6 months.

Fire doors are vital for helping to prevent the spread of fire and smoke by compartmentalising sections of escape routes throughout a building. This effectively offers protection of the escape routes from fire in adjacent rooms and other areas of the building.

Closed Fire Doors

Fire doors are specified to provide smoke and fire resistance ratings as FD30 for 30 minutes and FD60 for 60 minutes.

Doors specified ratings of FD30S and FD60S are fitted with smoke seals.

In most situations 30 minutes should be enough time for safe evacuation but your fire risk assessment should identify which level of fire resistance your fire doors require.

In Specific high-risk environments, there may be a need for a level of protection to exceed 60 minutes. Steel doors are normally specified in this instance.

Fire Doors complete with door automation

With services in Milton Keynes, Bedford and beyond, TEC Fire & Security can carry out site inspections of your fire doors and provide a report of any corrective actions that are required. The following is a brief overview of a typical site inspection but is not limited to the checks listed below.

  • Check the door and door frame
  • Check the full closure of the door and self-closing devices.
  • Check the doors do not slam shut.
  • Check Door Closer Operation
  • Check the operation of all functioning door furniture? Are they loose or missing?
  • Check door Seals
  • Check of the glazing and beads
  • Check door vision panels
  • Check Door Hinges and fixings
  • Check Door Hold Open Devices
  • Check that doors are not being wedged open
  • Check the Correct mandatory signage is in place