Access Control and Door Entry Systems

Safeguarding people

Access control means having the ability to restrict or enable access to certain parts of your building and provides a safeguard to unauthorised persons entering the site or moving into a restricted area.

We fit access control in many applications. The use of access control can be to keep un authorised people out a premises therefore safeguarding staff and people inside. Our systems are especially useful in schools where there is a need to prevent someone entering the school but also in some cases restrict pupils to within the school perimeter to keep them in a safe environment.

Many of our Educational clients are using the Paxton Net 2 software to initiate a Lockdown procedure something we are being requested to help design and install more frequently.

TEC Fire & Security are Paxton Gold installers and installers of Ievo Biometric readers.

Paxton Access control offer basic standalone Switch 2 systems for medium security applications usually suitable for a smallf premises with less than 5 doors that require protecting. The Paxton Switch 2 option will allow entry via fobs, cards or access code.

Paxton Net2 systems are PC based and are for a higher security application where the management of doors and system users is of key importance.

The Paxton Net 2 software has many functions for setting lock and unlocking times of doors and restricting times when users have authorised access. User access can be via Fobs, code, card or Biometric or in higher security level doors a combination of two for example Fob and code.

Cards can be set up in Paxton Pro software to combine the cards with a photo ID, great for keeping your Company or staff ID and door security together.

IEVO Biometric readers seamlessly integrate with Paxton Software. This is the highest level of security being CPNI (Centre Protection National Infra structure) approved as a fingerprint is required to open the door. If someone loses their card or fob and has not reported it there is a potential risk that someone un authorised has access to certain doors. Biometric readers take this threat away.

We recommend and install IEVO based on the reliability of the product for reading fingerprints effectively. We have installed IEVO readers on building sites in harsh environments and they pass the test every time.

A typical door set up would consist of the following

  • A Paxton proximity reader, keypad or IEVO Biometric reader on one side of the door
  • On the protected side of the door you would have
  • A Magnetic Lock or electric release.
  • A request to exit button or door handle for normal egress
  • An emergency Break-glass point for emergency egress
  • A fire alarm relay to release the door in the event of fire activation
  • Power supply housing the door controller and back up battery supply

Access control and door entry is not only for the control of doors it is just as effective in controlling Gates, Turnstiles, barriers and lifts.

Tec always fits Back up batteries to each door installation so in the event of mains interruption the security of the building is not compromised. The failure to fit batteries can lead to the doors failing open and therefore leaving your site vulnerable.

It is essential on doors forming part of a fire escape route that fire alarm relays are fitted adjacent to each door to release the doors in the event of a fire alarm so safe evacuation is provided.

TEC as an integrated fire and security specialist so we can take care of all aspects of the access control installation, and even provide the power points via an appointed NICEIC electrician.

Door Entry systems are the first point a site visitor will come across where external access has been restricted.

Door entry systems can consist of a simple audio call station answered by an audio handset with door release feature to allow visitor entry.

A video entry system provides the additional visual identification when communicating and permitting entry.

More complex systems like Paxton Net 2 Entry provides additional features that work in line with clients existing infra structure. SIP compatibility – means a door can be answered from smartphone, tablet or PC. In environments that don’t necessarily have a static front of house reception this can be a great advantage.

Paxton Net 2 Entry Systems can also be personalised with a company logo or school crest as a welcome screen.

Authorised users can gain entry with fobs, cards or code.

TEC Fire & security can also design and install multi calling digital systems that are ideally suited for student accommodation and multiple occupancy buildings. The advantage of the digital system means that instead of lots of flat or apartment numbers you can simply type in the door number to communicate via audio or video with the occupant.

Authorised users can gain entry with fobs, cards or code

We offer maintenance packages on all access control and door entry systems. An annual visit will ensure the system is in full working order especially parts of the system not used regularly and only required in emergency situations and on completion a full written service report will be issued.

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