Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrant service and Inspection

Fire hydrants supply water direct from a local mains supply and are used by the fire brigade for fighting fires.

Fire hydrants are located in public spaces and on private properties. Hydrants on private property are the responsibility of the owner or occupier of the site.

Fire Hydrant locations are found by hydrant marker posts and indicator plates. The plates top number shows the water main size in mm feeding the hydrant, the bottom number indicates the distance in metres from the plate to the hydrant.

Service and inspection of Fire Hydrants

British Standard BS9990:2015 states that where a fire hydrant exists on your premises, arrangements should be made by the owners or occupiers for annual maintenance.

TEC Fire & security can carryout the test and inspection of hydrants on your site.

A typical Hydrant test and inspection will include

  • Above ground inspection – of the hydrant frame, cover, and the surrounding surface.
  • The hydrant marker post is checked to see if

the information shown is correct and is clearly visible, any obstructions or overgrowth removed.

  • Hydrant post, lid and kerb re-painted if required using paint conforming to No: 309 (Canary Yellow), BS 381C.

A Below ground inspection will Involve checking the hydrant pit and the hydrant.

The hydrant is checked for leaks.

The water pressure and flow are checked and recorded.

The hydrant pit is cleared of debris.

Any remedial works or non-conformities will be advised as to inform the responsible person of further actions required.

To test the hydrants on your site are in full working order call Tec Fire and Security for a full site inspection and report

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